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Balls of Steel

Boom! a deep thudding explosion vibrates through the air."Contact right!” goes up the cry. The group of trainee Journalists in transit with me all move for the right hand doors of the Land Rover. I’m sitting in the passenger as navigator. Out of the corner of my eye I see a man in a balaclava with a pistol lunging for the door. I push at the driver and shout: ”Out your side,” but  he doesn’t budge... Fuck. The gunman swings the door open and pushes the pistol at me shouting: “Get out of the fuckin’ vehicle.” I grab the gun and twist it away from me towards him. He forces it back and I twist it  again. He drags me out of he vehicle and puts the gun to my head. My compatriots are fleeing downhill. “If you don’t come back I’m going to kill him,” shouts the abductor. "One…" They keep running… "Did you hear what I said?." "Two…" They keep running... (The realization dawns: Fuck they’re are not going to come back) "Three..." “Get down on the…