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Quote/Unquote: "Globalization is a world on speed," with Jochen Fried.

Jochen Fried,The Director of Education at Salzburg Academy gives eminently quotable insights on Globalization and Global Citizenship. 

"It is our generations time to confess to the next."
"We no longer live in communities, that's why we go to shopping malls...more and more of our social ties are evacuating."

"We are standing at an intersection and the trucks are coming at us."   (on our current era in global history)
 "The globalized economy does not have breaks."

"9,300 lifetimes a month are spent on Facebook."

     "Globalization is a world on speed." 

Reporting Disasters

"After all natural disasters you have bodies who you don't know who they are."  Richard Gordon, Director of Disaster Management Center at Bournemouth University.
How does the media react to a disaster? By shouting chaos chaos chaos!! By trying to find someone to blame!! By rolling out apparent experts!! Media coverage is renowned for being geographically disproportionate. A murder down the the road may often get more coverage than 600 dead in a train crash in Outer-Mongolia. It is not only the disaster that forms a story, but the response to it. This is because...

Disaster management goes to the heart of governance.
This was dramatically displayed during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Failure at local, state and national levels to pass responsibility up the chain of command resulted in a delayed and inadequate response. Dead bodies remained in the streets for weeks and the largely black population left in town were stranded at the overcrowded Super-Dome without proper food sup…